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Protect Yourself From Web Reputation Thieves Who Damage Your Name By Posting False “Complaints” Online.
The Business Threat You Can’t Ignore.

Protecting Your Reputation Online With BusinessTalk Review Provides 24/7 Real-Time Monitoring.

What Will BusinessTalk Review Do For My Company?


Reputation Management Monitoring


BusinessTalk Review is your 24 x 7 Web monitor. You can monitor your BRANDS, Your Products, Your People and even Your Competitors. Keep track of unlimited keywords and phrases.


Anytime anyone mentions your key words or phrases, even if they are sending an angry tweet about you, or posting a review on yelp, BusinessTalk Review will track the conversation.


BusinessTalk Review will know.


Do you know how your company and the competition stand in the marketplace? BusinessTalk Review’s easy-to-read monthly reports monitors your organization’s perception among your customers and prospects. No more trial-and-error marketing guesswork.


Being aware of discussions online can help protect your brand, and give you the insight to take action to identify potential negative coverage. Now your company can take a more proactive stance to educate the marketplace and direct the conversation.


If you KNOW about what people are saying, you can deliver the service that puts you ahead of the competition. It’s communication! Too often, though, you simply don’t know until it is too late.

Where Does BusinessTalk Review Search?


Facebook. Twitter. TripAdvisor. Yelp. Youtube. Blogs. Forums. Google+ You Name it!


The places where your customers make or break your business. The places where conversations happen, where interaction happens and where people reach out using technology.


You may already know that 80% of people change their buying decision after reading a bad review online. And you may never know the review is there, you may not even know there was a problem… but you’re still losing a lot of customers.


BusinessTalk Review works behind the scenes, monitoring for you day and night.


Any Keywords. Any Sector… If anyone mentions your name, your brand, your products or even your competitors – you will know about it instantly. (PLUS BusinessTalk Review can generate sales for you by delivering high interest leads, direct to you.)


Now, you could spend every waking moment searching the internet for every mention of your business.


You could even try and optimize your sites, to attract them and HOPE you end up above your competitors


Or, you could use BusinessTalk Review.


BusinessTalk Review: Reputation Management Monitoring

Instant Notification

Immediate Notifications in App, or via email mean that if someone is talking about you or your business, Know about it and reply immediately.

Point and Click' Simplicity

Ease of use means that you will be up and running in minutes. Setting up your monitoring is as easy as 1,2,3.

Constant Vigilance

A security guard that NEVER sleeps. BusinessTalk Review scans the web every 5 minutes, so you’ll always be one of the first to know when someone posts a review of your business.

Direct Links

Engage in COMMUNICATION. Every e-mail includes a link straight to the conversation, so you can jump in and reply, often solving ANY issues that arise before they become a social media storm.

Unique BusinessTalk Review Monitoring

Keep an eye on ANY website and know EVERYTHING that happens, no matter if it is a Facebook page or a discussion about your products. HINT you can even monitor your competitors and ANYTHING that is being said about them too.

More Sales

Getting Just ONE Lead – Setting BusinessTalk Review as your lead generation tool – you are able to have the links of the people who are looking online of your product or service delivered to you right now.


BusinessTalk Review scans the web – and keeps scanning. It’ll run a search 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. As soon as someone mentions your brand, keywords and phrases, you’ll know.

Setup your search terms to build a ‘CREATE ALERT’ (actually, you could enter any keywords – maybe you want to find out when people are looking for a business like yours, or what they’re saying about your competitors… with BusinessTalk Review, you can do it all.)

When someone’s talking, your monthly BusinessTalk Review report will let you know directly from our reputation management monitoring system.

Where Do You Stand?

If customer conversations and issues are important to your company, then take the next step.


Unlimited Keywords Monitored


Q: How much do you charge for support?

Nothing. As much support as you need is completely free. Of course, we’ve tried to make BusinessTalk Review so easy to use that we don’t think there’s much chance you’ll need it, but if you do, just contact our global support team and we’ll get back to you within 1 working day.


Q: Will BusinessTalk Review really find every bad review?

99.9% of them. No search system is perfect, so there is a small chance one will get through the net. But because BusinessTalk Review is searching every 5 minutes, if it doesn’t find the review, chances are it’s buried so deep no-one else will ever see it either.


Q: Am I locked in for a long time?

You’re not locked in at all. You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time and you won’t be charged another cent. Not only that, but you’ll be able to keep using BusinessTalk Review right up until the end of the current billing period.

Q: Is there a Guarantee?

Yes! We want you to feel comfortable and experience BusinessTalk Review working for you. Quick to setup, you will have the system working hard for you within minutes. Order your first monthly BusinessTalk Review analysis report. Then decided if you want the month-to-month option for only $97 (pay-as-you-go) or the annual option for $997 per year (Saving $167 per year).


Q: Can’t we use Google Alerts?

While Google Alerts clearly shows your results regarding images, videos, websites, and social media.  It misses the actual links where a thread/comment appears on a social networking site. Instead of showing actual post/update, Google Alerts shows only the profile or page link where a mention belongs in. We do A LOT more than Google Alerts ever will.

Choose The Right Plan To Fit Your Needs



24x7 Online Monitoring & Alerts

Weekly Briefing Reports  

Track Your Brand & The Competition

Improve Brand Reputation from "False" Comments

Month-to-Month, No Commitment

100% Money Back Guarantee

Standard Phone / Email Support



24x7 Online Monitoring & Alerts

Weekly Briefing Reports 

Track Your Brand & Your Competition

Improve Brand Reputation from "False" Comments

One-time payment, no additional fees

100% Money Back Guarantee

Premium 24/7 Phone / Email Support

Backed By Our Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee

“Order BusinessTalk Review today and at any time in the next 60 days, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply request a refund and we will refund your entire purchase, no questions asked.”